[ROM] GinTonic.SE | v2.5.1 – (10/25/2011)

Gingerbread 2.3.7


GinTonic SE 1.4 (Revival of GinTonic) é a melhor rom para ser usada com o Kernel ZombiePanic


  • CM7.1.0
  • luz do teclado nativo (sem necessidade de script ou app)
  • vida útil da bateria muito boa
  • touchscreen funcionando perfeitamente, mesmo sem kernel
  • nova build completa (muito trabalhada)
  • usb tethering quase funcionando (still stuck on RNDIS maybe its lun1 and not lun0??)
  • câmera funcionando perfeitamente
  • reescrito Pointing Device Interpreter -> Sem bug no touch!
  • Droidwall pronta
  • Todos os aplicativos de Flashlight/Tocha do market funcionam agora
  • LDPI build completa (também Lockscreen, Latin Input Method, etc..)
  • SEMC novo 4 Corner launcher ou ADW ou qual você quiser
  • mais recente CM source (última sincronização 24 de outubro de 2011)
  • Barra de Status e o botão de luz na Barra de Status arrumados
  • Gravação em 480p sem problemas (lembre-se, por favor 480p é “apenas” 640 * 480)
  • um monte de pequenas correções de bugs / performance / estabilidade (locale, i / o, libservices, libui, etc)
  • brilho automático funcionando corretamente, para visualizar: (Settings -> Display -> Automatic Brightness)

Características futuras:

  • USB Native Tethering
  • Wifi AP/ Tethering fully native
  • With ZombiePanicKernel no Chroot
  • native Keyboard App to replace SuqashiInput
  • uploading sources to git
  • add ZombiePanicKernel to ROM
  • add Kernel Features into ROM

– FMRadio App cannot be set back to speaker once set to Headphone (present since 2.5.0)


Se você não usa o Kernel ZombiePanic você terá que flashear os modules providos em Modules.zip. Se você usa o ZombiePanic você não precisará fazer isto.


FlashPlayer não funciona depois de instalar a ROM ?
Infelizmente o Flash Player precisa ser instalado manualmente. Use o FileManager goto /system / app / FlashPlayer.apk, clique sobre ele e selecione instalar

2G/3G drena muito a bateria bad e eu também não posso pesquisar operador ?
Considerando que você já tinha flasheado o 2.1.1.C.C.0 da Sony, por favor flash esta libril para a versão Radio OTA

Eu “flasheei” os modules, mas o DualTouch não esta funcionando e eu tenho bug no touch ?
Por favor, veja este post e substitua o arquivo: Different Module

Luz do teclado nativo não está funcionando corretamente ?
Vá em Settings -> Cyanogen -> Display -> Automatic Backlight -> please turn off Light Sensor Filter

Eu não tenho overclock ou dualtouch, qual a diferença ?
Por favor flash o zip com os modules se você usa o Stock Kernel (se você nunca fez modificações no kernel, então provavelmente você usa o Stock)


GinTonicSE v2.5.1

Downloads Adicionais:

[MODULES] Modules GinTonic v2.5.1 (only if no Zombie Panic Kernel is used)

[PATCH] Gintonic v2.5.1 3G/2G libraries for 2.1.1.C.0.0

[PATCH]Gintonic v2.5.1 Restore KeyboardLight Script

[APPS]Gintonic v2.5.1 GApps (CarHome, LatinImeTutorial,Setup Wizard, Talk, Genie Wiget)

ZombiePanicKernel v1.63 Thread

-restored automatic backlight and also keyboard light functionality should be better (please report)
-Statusbar lag should be fixed
-updated to Adobe Flash Player 10.3
-next update will include resized smart dialer, recent apps a bit bigger and hopefully if i find it the audio routing issue with fm radio only playing on headphone

v2.5.0 LibRil for 2.1.1.C.0.0
-I have been investigating a bit to understand the heavy drain for some users and it seems Sony has different Radio versions flashed between 2.1.1.C.0.0 and 2.1.1.C.0.0, currently libril for is in the ROM if you have 2.1.1.C.0.0 please flash the zip provided

-synced with CM (thanks to CM Team)
-fixed lockscreen background -> now working
-fixed left handed option crashing phone
-added recent apps to statusbar
-revamped lockscreen layout (ring layout)
-reduced battery drain
-updated few libraries
-smart dialer added (but layout switch not yet working 100% so you only see top of it, working on it though)
-fm radio now black frequency color

-Green LED while charging now shows at 100% instead of battery full as some people did not seem to reach battery_full. if you get green led while charging you don't really need this
-tiny bug fix when wlan turned on the wifi hotspot was showing in notification bar for a second now back to normal

-fixed crashing on slider and ring lockscreen if custom app icon was grabbed and then screen orientation changed
-fixed incoming call sliding tab
-reworked some part of keyboard light
-led while charging only shows green if 100% battery reached
-exchanged wifi and sdio module (please report if you have any issues. sdio is freshly cooked but working fine for me so far)
-updated google framework/apps (added Genie Widget)
-connections to 802.1x and edoram should function properly now (tested at my university)
-i also added the missing gapps to a flashable addon see link above
-lots of small things fixed
-due to many requests added the original livewallpapers (which adds about 4 mb to the zip if you don't want them i suggest deleting them from the zip before flashing)

-restored FM Radio funcionalty
-updated the flash player to 10.2

v2.4.2 Flash Player
-forgot to update to FlashPlayer 10.2 flash if you want or install from atquila78 thread

v2.4.2 Modules
-updated the hw_config

-reworked some part of keyboard light should now work completly in darkness
-quickpic issue resolved also for other programms with this issue
-completely rearranged sliding tab and ring lockscreen in landscape mode, also sense lockscreen in portrait has small improvment in showing clock
-fixed lockscreen background color can now be applied accordingly (next step background wallpaper)

v2.4.1 Hotfix
-restored one line in hw_config for native keyboard light to work properly if keyboard script is not being used (for Stock and ZP Kernel)

v2.4.1 modules
-updated hw_config.sh

v2.4.1 keyboard script restore
-updated hw_config.sh

-corrected ramdisk for eclipse developers
-corrected ramdisk not interfere in very rare occasions with boot
-lots of cleanup in hw_config.sh
-adjusted keyboard light works much more efficent now (you can still flash the keyboard script zip under modules)
-still looking into quickpic, i cant see issue so far on rom side (maybe need to wait for update on quickpic side? but i'll kepp looking)

v2.40 modules
-update hw_config in zipfile

-updated flashplayer to 10.2 thanks to atquila.78 for finding it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1300298
-lowered maximal automatic brightness (can still be changed by cyanogen settings if you want) please let me know if it can be even darker currently 15 lowest i tried was 5 but its really dark then

-keyboard light working without script (like stock i would say, it will turn on exactly when opening it no delay well actually 100ms for lightsensor to warm up) if you still want script remove commented line in /system/etc/hw_config.sh
-no more network unlock dialog after entering pin
-not yet able to test but 802.1 EAP should now work i hope

-fixed lense lockscreen alignment
-due to many request also changed sense lockscreen alignment
-next release might include wlan tether got pretty far with it thanks to jerpelea

-very proud to announce the fully fixed touchbug! no touch bug in rotation at any angle anymore!!!!!
-fixed whatsapp (i didnt include the change in 2.3.8 i havent noticed that sorry)
-fixed settings -> display manual settings now the lowest display settings is the lowest display brightness
-two bugs left lockscreen background not changing and smart dialer

but getting there!

-usb sharing working again
-livewallpapers work
-no more bootloop on changing lockscreen background (doesnt change background yet though)
-ringselector widget works now
-only thing left is to fully fix lockscreen background and smartdialer please disable smart dialer for now
-super user issues gone (thanks Eyama)

-restoring the USB Device Connection

-resynced to android 2.3.7 CM 7.1.0 (thanks to CyanogenMod Team)
-included ring lockscreen
-working dsp manager
-updated market
-updated binaries
-updated libs
-working cmparts selection of cpu speeds
-included phone ring answer screen
-fixed G-Sensor
-new CM Camera (fullscreen viewport now)
-updated gmail and market
-whatsapp not crashing anymore
-overall video decoding performance increased (moboplayer rocks) (thanks to android 2.3.7 and cm7.1.0)

-resolved (hopefully) reboot issue (thank you everybody for participation)

v2.0 Module Update
-exchanged the dualtouch driver module

-now fully featured ldpi
-latest cm sync
-fixed bluetooth being a bit** to connect to pc, now working without issues
-all libraries and bins and xbins are updated
-working touchscreen (with or without) kernel
-fixed modules zip (please flash new one) with missing ext3/ext4 modules
-fixed ramdisk to insmod the modules if present
-fixed issues with statusbar
-a bit improved battery consumption (probably due to new libs (codec, dvm etc..)
-since framework/libs/bins and all apps are updated i as always advise a fresh and clean install

-cool new feature created by Mr.Krypton you'll know when you see
-smart dialer fixed thanks to Carpe-Dimi
-changed sensitivty of motion sensor (whoever wanted to play doodle jump its working like a charm now

-improved FM Radio should start up/search stations/power off faster than before
-fixed icons (indeed it was SystemUI I didnt compile from scratch yet so i'll just call it bugfixed for now)
-statusbar no gap to the bottom of the screen

-fixed a bug I discovered by to DJxSpeedy that the battery was not fully charged (offline or online) resulting in a much lower battery life. i suggest you charge fully offline after you flash the rom

-recompile now with real dpi thanks pfonck for pointing (forgot to set productlocales += ldpi mdpi) so icons dont look blurry anymore.
-reboot options to cwm/xrecovery work now
-mediaprofiles changed (credits to htc legend port and paul-xxx)
-reverted to keyboard script and kfix deleted for now
-ramdisk updated (boot time should be a bit better also includes madbulls missing lines he pointed out)
-updated modules.zip thanks DanielFan so please download new one for 1.65

-same as 1.61 but with added missing lines to hw_config which madbulls pointed out see here : madbulls Post

-fixed the last automatic brightness bug when it was dark and keyboard was slidout now you can finally fully use automatic brightness from settings->display->automatic brightness
-clean up

-huge increase in 2D Performance (FPS2D Value stdev between 5-6 try it on 2D Games)
-Patched some locale erros (only german sorry)
-some corrections on build.prop
-lots of small things
-for ZombiePanicKernel users, set your CPU to 600 MHz its way faster than overclocked! (ZombieKernel Overclocking still needs patched PLL thanks to doixanh for pointing this out)

-added 480p recording with using hardware encoder (performance is very nice while recording perfectly av/sync)
-changed InputReader to recognize our display size correctly so no touch bug anymore
-flash now available in camera app
-fixed CMParts not showing CPU Frequencies
-fast,working and stable as rock combined with ZombiePanicKernel
-almost done with wifi and usb tether
-updated modules zip since it got broken on upload i guess for non ZombiePanic users

-some clean up

-complete new recompile only a few features added to GingerDX (LDPI, Flashlight now system wide integrated, patched sensorservice light sensor shouldnt return wrong values, etc.)

-removed MiniCM Theme
-fixed ThemeManager
-included Hotfixes

-for me touchbug is fixed now

-partialy fixed bad touch(on the sides)
-Phone.apk thanks to Carpe-Dimi
-build.prop fixed for rom manager

-FMRadio fixed
-DigiClock Widet fixed

Partes usadas:

  • Juwe11 Ramoptimzation Script
  • Wallpaper by Mr.Krypton (thank you)
  • Chargemon/Kfix/ramdisk/77tweaks in init from D4rKn3sSyS
  • mount_system source from nobodyAtall
  • CWM/Xrecovery from z and j and everybody else who helped
  • doixanhs repo

Sources usadas:

créditos: Z and J, Blagus, doixanh, D4rKn3sSyS, nobodyAtall, the_laser, Juwe11, Mr.Krypton and Cyanogen Mod Team!


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