Angry Zombie Killer v1.0.8

Angry Zombie Killer    

Your road has been infested with Zombies, and you are in charge of the cleaning.
Go through the road killing the zombies, carefully managing your money, and bullets of your weapons, if you don’t want to become one of them.
With your money you can buy 23 different weapons (more weapons than Zombieville and Alien Invasion), and also restore your health.
This game has a style of animation in real time to catch your attention.
Very entertaining, do not miss it!
In this game you won’t get tire to kill zombie, zombie, zombie and more zombie.
There is zombie everywhere, zombie will come from the left and zombie will come from the right. There is zombie under the sewer, and there is zombie inside the houses. If you are thirsty of zombie blood, this game is for you.
Explanation of Permissions:
All the permissions are a requirement of the advertising company that we use., you may go to they website and check why exactly do they need these, they are regular permissions that most of the free games with advertising requires, some advertising company require more permissions than other ones, check the permissions of Talking Tomcat, you will see they require a lot of permissions, this is mostly due to the advertising company’s they use.

If you like games like Zombieville USA, Zombie Village, Aliens Invasion, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter
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